5 2  W E E K S
3 6 5  D A Y S
 Y E A R 
O F  L O V E
We all love something, someone, sometime.  
The places we visit, the moments we laugh about, the memories we share. 

Whether it be a family member, a spouse, a pet. or a friend-- the feeling of that relationship can be captured in a painting. 
I want to capture that LOVE in a painting for you.
Starting 2/14/11, I will be painting

52 weeks, 365 days, 1 year of LOVE 

This will total to the amount of 52 paintings- 
     1 painting representing each week in a year. 
One painting every 2 weeks.
Each painting, it's own LOVE story.
52 different stories of LOVE.
Culminating in February 2015, 2016, 2017*, around Valentine's Day weekend-
ALL 52 paintings will be displayed in an art gallery in Pennsylvania.
All participating will be invited.
With your help and inspiration, I will find 52 love stories.
Share with me what you love, who you love, what makes your relationship special.
This could be the perfect gift to your spouse, or your parents, or that special aunt and uncle that you admire.  This is perfect for kids too- siblings that share so much, or a special relationship between child and pet.  How can you top a one-of-a-kind painting about a special relationship?  

Feel the love.
As each of the paintings are completed- I will post them here so you can see the LOVE progress.
Each painting is 10" x10" (1.5" deep) and costs $199.00. 
Each painting is unframed. You will receive your painting when it's completed, unless you would prefer I hold onto it till after the gallery showing. Shipping and Handling is not included in price.  Please keep in mind this is NOT a portrait in realism, it's a symbolic representation.

* Project originally scheduled to take 1 year has been extended to infinite years (because it takes a long time to paint 52 paintings) - resulting in final show February 2015, 2016, or 2017.  We'll only know when we have all 52 spaces filled ;)
Participants are required to return painting for gallery showing.
RESPOND QUICKLY- This is a limited time event. 
There are ONLY 52 spaces.

It's a one-of-a-kind momento that you'll cherish forever.
Only 16 spots left to fill - Share the love!