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All of these items can be purchased individually in addition to whatever package you choose.  Please keep in mind, you can have any combination of these items to create YOUR OWN customized package, OR added on to your existing package.
4x6 unmarked proofs- 12.00 each
5x7 enlargements- 12.00 each
8x10 enlargements- 19.00 each
11x14 enlargements- 28.00 each
Wallets (4 on each page)- 18.00 each
3 1/2" x 5" notecards- Pack of 12- 35.00
Canvas prints- between 250.00 to 1200.00 (varies per print size)
Online Viewing/Purchasing with website- 780.00

DVD High Resolution digital files on DVD or flashdrive- 
These images may be used for your personal use, to make as many prints as you like or to share online. DVDs CANNOT be purchased through the above online gallery. Digital images may only be purchased on DVDs of 12 or more. 
Pricing for the DVDs are below. 

DVD of 12 images = $240.00 
DVD of 24 images = $399.00 
DVD of 48 images = $550.00
For customized packages- there is a standard fee for first photographers time: 
less than 6 hours $1875.00
6-8 hours  $2295.00
8+ hours  $185.00/each additional hour
Additional photographers:
less than 6 hours $485.00
6-8 hours  $565.00
8+ hours  $95.00/each additional hour over 8 hours
I know that everyone is different and each couple has a unique idea in their mind for what their wedding album will look like.  I like to customize albums to each couple, achieving that individuality that the bride and groom share. 
The albums range in price from $450- from a simple and modern coffee table book to an extravagant bound album.
I use the reputable photo service of Zookbinders to create visually stunning albums.  Each album is unique and individualized to suite your wedding story perfectly.
I like to discuss all possibilities with my clients and find what is best to suit their wants and needs.  If you are interested in an album, parent album, etc- please feel free to call and discuss your options.