About Shannon
A little wild Eats vegetarian.  Loves tigerlilies
Creates beauty.  Dances to only what moves her.  Crazy passionate.  Breathes into yoga.  Visualizes everything... 
... Lives for art.

I love taking photos.  I love visually capturing moments in time.  I feel like my camera is my magic wand.  To me, photos represent those unforgettable moments in time that you cherish and remember forever.  A photo allows you to revisit that special moment, and I LIVE for giving that to people.

I also LOVE to understand other peoples visions for what they want to create, and help them make it a reality.  People are always looking for their 'gifts' and that thing that makes them different - well that is mine, visualizing and creating beauty for people that can't do it themselves. 

I am obsessed with travel and learning about the rest of the world.  One of my most recent trips was to Brazil, the experience was life-changing.  I'm hoping to visit South Africa and India someday soon. 

I enjoy spending my free time in my car driving from state to state, hanging out with my siblings, baking or writing old-fashioned letters (with stamps and everything)! 
I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings.  Being with the happy couple on their happiest day- It's the best job ever! However when I'm not shooting weddings- this year I'll be painting about LOVE. Check out my LOVE painting project- you might be interested in participating.
A high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals,
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